Tuesday 15 February 2022

5 Things to Consider When Choosing New Carpet

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing New Carpet

Have you been thinking about new carpet? Read on to learn about what things to consider as you choose carpet for your space.


The first thing you should decide is what kind of pile you want in your space. Each of the three pile choices has benefits and drawbacks.

  • Low pile has flat dense short fibers. This is easy to clean, stands up to heavy foot traffic and does not catch debris easily.
  • Medium pile has taller and softer fibers and is easy to clean, which is a benefit since it catches debris easier than low pile. This is a great choice for family rooms and other areas that are used often.
  • High pile is best for a luxury feel or to dampen noise. It is plush and fluffy and requires more frequent cleaning. This type of carpet might be perfect for bedrooms.

Face Weight

Did you know carpet has a face weight? This measurement is how much yarn is in the carpet pile, like a thread count for sheets. As you might have already guessed, the higher the count, the better it feels and the more it might cost.   


All carpet needs the proper padding underneath. Your carpet installer can discuss the key details with you. Padding adds cushioning, warmth, dampens noise and, with a waterproof padding, you have the added benefit of a level of water protection. Water protection in your padding is an added benefit if you have pets or in high use rooms.  


So now that you know you want a certain pile and face weight, you need to choose your material.  

  • Texture and Twist is the most popular indoor carpet. Two toned yarn is used to add dimension to the color. It is tightly woven and resists dirt. It is great for family rooms and bedrooms. 
  • Berber, or loop carpeting, is another popular choice. It is dense, which makes it a great choice for high-traffic areas and stairways. It also has great stain resistance. Pets can often get their claws tangled in the fibers, which is a drawback. 
  • Pattern carpet is just what you might expect from the name. It appears to have a pattern cut into the carpet. It is made using a combination of texture and Berber styles. The looped yarn is slightly shorter, which provides the unique appearance. This can be beautiful in family rooms, bedrooms, and offices. 

Now, What fibers do you want your carpet to be made from?  

  • Nylon is cost effective, durable and resists crushing under heavy furniture, fading, and staining.
  • Triexta is like nylon in appearance but is softer than nylon and naturally hydrophobic, which makes it great at repelling stains and moisture.
  • Polyester is great for bold colors, but it can fade in the sun and is less durable than nylon.
  • Wool is a fabulous natural option. It feels good.  It is strong and sturdy to hold up to high traffic. It also won’t crush under heavy furniture, but It can stain easily and be damaged by stain removing agents.
  • Olefin is durable and colorfast and does well in high-traffic areas. It is less expensive than other options.

Now that you’ve figured out the carpet you want, here are some things to keep in mind as you choose your new carpet and set up your installation.


Start by choosing a few colors. Ask if you can take the carpet samples home and try them in the space. This is important since the lighting in your space can make a color look much lighter or darker than it does in the store.   

Once you have the perfect choice, verify the details for your measurement appointment and installation date.

Be sure you know what you will have to move or have out of the way vs. things the installers will remove and put back when the new carpet is installed. Also, verify where you will need trim strips or other hardware. Your home will be measured before the carpet is ordered. This is a great time to ask questions you might have.