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Carpet Cleaning Tips to Help Your Carpet Last Longer

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Carpet Cleaning Tips to Help Your Carpet Last Longer

What should you do if you’re trying to help your carpet last longer? The answer may depend on the type of carpet you have and how you clean your carpet. A carpet that’s maintained well can last a long time when effective methods are used regularly. Fortunately, there are practical tips you can do to ensure your carpet looks its best for years to come.

Keep Dirt at Bay

Vacuum the carpet at least once a week to reduce dirt build-up. When using the vacuum set the brush at the right to avoid damaging the carpet. If the brush is set too high it won’t pick up dirt, but set too low it can tear carpet fibers. Use a vacuum with a filter system and start with a clean bag or cup to collect debris. Use the vacuum with a good speed, but pass over dirty areas with care. Pass the vacuum over soiled areas twice and areas with less dirt once. Use walking mats in high-traffic areas to cut down on dirt getting into the carpet.

Use Professional Services Wisely

Experienced professional services for carpet cleaning use quality equipment and cleaning solutions to get the job done. They also provide cleaning methods, tips, and advice on how to clean certain types of carpets. Services are charged by the square foot. Using rented machines can clean carpet surfaces, but professional services can deep clean them to ensure allergens and grease residue are entirely removed.

Spend time looking for a quality carpet cleaner as some may provide cleaning at a cheap price just to add expensive add-on services later. A pro cleaner conducts inspections in person and offers written estimates based on the size of your carpet. They should clean your carpet thoroughly to ensure it doesn’t trap dirt from lingering cleaning solutions or soap suds.

Know How to Use Rented Machines Properly

Be mindful when using rented equipment to clean your carpet. Learn how to use the machine and any features before using it on your carpet. You can conduct a search online to learn about the equipment to make sure it is suitable for your carpet. Take note of how much it costs to rent, size, and weight. Avoid waiting until your carpet gets super dirty to rent equipment.

Vacuum the carpet before and after it gets cleaned. Doing it before helps remove any loose dirt. When the carpet is dry after it was cleaned, rerun the vacuum to get any dirt that came to the top while drying. Treat stains before using the equipment with a pretreatment soap or detergent, and let it soak for 10 minutes. Avoid adding too much moisture to your carpet because some rented machines have weak suction, so they may not remove as much water as it put out. Remember to let your carpet dry thoroughly with an open window and fans. Wait until the carpet is completely dry before bringing your furniture back.

Clean Up Stains and Messes Immediately

Avoid scooping or digging into the carpet as you clean the mess; if you act quickly enough to remove it, most, if not all, can come out. Use water to spot clean the surface and use a cloth to apply pressure to absorb the moisture. Repeat pressure with the cloth until the moisture is removed. Use a spot remover for stubborn spots. Air dry with a fan if a lot of moisture is present. Blot areas when spot cleaning instead of scrubbing to avoid damaging carpet fibers. Other ideas for spot cleaning may include using club soda and vinegar before trying a stronger spot removal product. Test any product first before using a lot on your carpet. Have patience when working to remove stains.

Also, have products for your carpet to use on hand in case of an accident. Review cleaning practices recommended for your carpet fibers.