Thursday 15 September 2022

Don’t Be Fooled by These Carpet Cleaning Myths

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Don’t Be Fooled by These Carpet Cleaning Myths

Are you confused about what people are saying about carpet cleaning? Nowadays, it's easier to get misinformed about how to properly care for things in your home, such as your carpet. The following details explain and debunk common myths about carpet cleaning to ensure you understand your options for carpet cleaning care.

Myth: You Shouldn't Bother with Carpet Cleaning Because It Causes Mold

False. Mold can become a problem if your carpet retains moisture over a long time. When using proper cleaning methods, a carpet dries within a few hours. Professional cleaning services use quality machines to ensure carpets dry within a few hours. If you clean the carpet using a rent machine or DIY carpet cleaning methods, ensure you follow instructions for the machine used and properly ventilate the area where the carpet was cleaned with a fan or open window.

Myth: Avoid Carpet Cleaning If You Don't Want Your Carpet to Shrink

False. If a carpet is not cleaned correctly, there is an increasing chance it may shrink. Professional cleaning services ensure your carpet is cleaned properly with trained experts using quality equipment to get the job done correctly. Your carpet shouldn't be too wet after it's cleaned.

Myth: You Don't Have to Worry about Cleaning a New Carpet

False. Even a new carpet needs regular cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning can keep it looking fresh for a long time. If you ignore cleaning the carpet regularly, dirt builds up in the fibers acting as an abrasive that can lead to damages such as tearing.

Myth: Carpet Cleaning Is Only for Dirty or Stained Carpets

False. This myth is a total lie! Just because a carpet looks good doesn't mean it doesn't hold dirt or dust. If it's been a while since the carpet was cleaned or vacuumed, there is dirt that needs removal. Any carpet that sees foot traffic daily accumulates dirt. Professionals recommend cleaning carpets at least once a year or every 18 months.

Myth: Carpet Cleaning Doesn't Remove Much Except Dirt

False. People may not realize what carpets can collect in a short time. Carpets collect things that make you sneeze or cough, like allergens. Carpets can also collect pet hair & urine, dead skin cells, smoke residue, dirt, and bacteria that can cause mold or fungus. It's just more reasons to get your carpet cleaning regularly by a professional.

Myth: I Don't Need Carpet Cleaning to Remove Odors Because I Use Baking Soda

False. Thorough carpet cleaning will remove bacteria that cause odors. Baking soda traps odors as a deodorizer, so it just covers odors instead of removing them. The baking soda is a temporary solution because the deodorizing action wears off.

Myth: Why Clean the Carpet When It's Going to Attract Dirt Again Anyway?

It may seem like cleaning your carpet is pointless, but that's not the case. Cleaner carpets make it easier to notice particles like dirt and debris faster. Think of it as it's easier to see what gets on your carpet. You're more likely to do what is necessary to keep it clean to maintain its fresh appearance.

Professional carpet cleaning services by trained cleaning experts ensure your carpet enjoys long-lasting life. Carpet cleaning experts understand the needs of different types of carpeting with specialized equipment and cleaning products to guarantee impressive results.