Tuesday 1 November 2022

How Pet Owners Can Extend the Life of Their Carpet

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Many pet owners are surprised at how much damage happens to their carpets and rugs. As much as you love your pet, dealing with their messes can be a headache, from muddy paw prints to urine to pet hair. Some messes are more challenging than others, and it can be a lot of stress on your carpet. Fortunately, pet owners can do things to minimize carpet damage, including preventive measures and regular cleaning, to keep your carpet looking fresh and presentable.

Don't Wait to Clean Up a Mess

When a mess happens, clean it up right away. Whether it's urine, food, or mud, the longer it sits, the more damage it can do to the carpet. Moving quickly to remove the mess prevents the carpet from absorbing too much. Handheld cleaning tools such as an extractor can remove liquids rapidly. Use paper towels to absorb moisture but avoid scrubbing by applying pressure. For thicker messes, a putty knife may help but using it in an upward motion to remove messes that may stick to the carpet fibers. Cleaning the mess quickly helps preserve the carpet and may prevent your pet from making a mess there again.

Vacuum Regularly

Thoroughly vacuum your carpet and do it routinely. Vacuuming often helps control the amount of pet hair and debris they bring into the house. The key is to vacuum often and take your time doing it. It may be challenging to keep up with animal hair and dander, but it may pay off. Use a good quality vacuum with different attachments to pick up debris. Regular vacuuming helps reduce how much pet hair and debris is spread. It may also help to move the vacuum in different directions as you clean up to ensure the suction picks up.

Use a Quality Fiber Protector

A fiber protector is a prevention treatment to reduce dirt clinging and staining. Carpets that see high traffic get this treatment. The process helps carpet fibers to repel liquid to prevent stains. It keeps liquids from getting too deep into the carpet. A fiber protector should be applied soon after a carpet is cleaned. Doing so at this time ensures contamination of pet dander, hair, and dirt is prevented. The carpet has a better chance of gaining thorough protection and direct contact with the fibers. Proper installation reduces the need to vacuum, and messes are easier to clean up. Fiber protectors are safe for children and pets while ideal for high-traffic areas of the home.

Carpet maintenance is likely the last thing on your mind when becoming a pet owner. Carpets may have suggestions on how to maintain them, but it helps pet owners to learn practical ways to care for their carpet with a pet in the home. Professional carpet cleaning services are another way to help keep your carpet fresh and preserve its look. Contact your local professional carpet cleaning service provider if you have questions or concerns about caring for your carpet as a pet owner.