Friday 15 April 2022

More Water Use in Summer Could Lead to Water Damage

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More Water Use in Summer Could Lead to Water Damage

What is summertime without time spent in or around the water? While you might be cannon balling into a pool or spending time on your boat, water use increases around your home during the summertime months too!

With increased water usage comes an increased risk that water damage may occur around your home. Be prepared to address these issues around the house during the summer months and prepare a plan to be ready incase water damage does occur.

More Time Spent in the Shower

Rinsing off after the beach, after a long afternoon of yard work, or even to just cool down on a hot day will all influence how much water you use. Check your bathroom pipes and connections to make sure they are tight and secure. A small leak overtime can lead to big problems!

More Cycles Run in Your Washing Machine

The more activities you participate in during the summer may result in more outfit changes necessary! Even with just a few more loads of laundry a month, the water you use could start to add up! Do you have a high efficiency washer at home? If not, your machine could be using gallons and gallons of water each cycle. If something were to happen to you washing machine and it would break, that would mean that water would end up on your floor.

More Parties and Hosting Could Hurt Your Kitchen

Is your garbage disposal working overtime during grill outs or other parties? Is your dishwasher barely keeping up with the mountain of dishes sitting on your counter? Working your kitchen appliances to the max could result in one of them malfunctioning! Keep an eye on the health of your kitchen appliances to make sure they aren’t leaking and that they are performing well. A malfunction could lead to a large leak and nasty mess to clean up afterwards!

More Time Spent with Sprinklers Running

Is your lawn as green and lush as your neighbors? Better crank up that sprinkler system to make sure you have the most beautiful lawn on the block! But be careful, excess moisture around your home could leak into your basement and cause more issues than just a brown lawn. Watch to make sure water isn’t pooling around the base of your home and double check that there isn’t moisture getting into your basement or crawl space.

Enjoy summertime to its full potential and don’t let water damage put a damper on your season. Have questions about how to make sure your home is ready for summer? Contact a member of our team to learn more about how you can enjoy the warm weather and eliminate worry.