Tuesday 15 March 2022

Things to Consider When Starting a Fire Restoration Project

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Things to Consider When Starting a Fire Restoration Project

After a fire, your emotions and nerves may be all over the place. There are lots of things to consider after a fire, including how you will repair your home from the damage the fire left. With fire restoration, there are many aspects of repair that need to be addressed. Fire damage, smoke damage, and water damage can all be present at the scene of the fire, and all take special tools and specialty to restore. 

Fires can quickly destroy and damage almost everything in its path. Fire can burn through carpet, fabrics, drywall, or really any dry soft surface in your home. This damage can happen quickly, and almost always causes complete replacement to be necessary to the areas that have been damaged. Fire can also cause structural damage to a building that can cause extensive damage.

With fire, always comes smoke. Smoke can penetrate almost every surface in your home and leave a distinct smell and stain. These by-products of smoke damage can be difficult to tackle and typically require professional-grade equipment to fully remove the evidence. Restoring your home to its pre-fire state means no more lingering reminders of the traumatic fire that once happened. 

When putting out a fire, usually a lot of water needs to be used to fully extinguish the flames. While this practice can save your home or building, it can also cause damage of its own if it is not addressed right away. Sprinkles can have the same effect when used in commercial, industrial, or residential buildings. When water soaks through carpet, floors, walls, or even your roof it can cause mold or mildew to develop and impact the air quality in your home. It can also jeopardize the structure integrity of your home if it gets into and rots the support beams.

There are many aspects of fire damage that may not always meet the eye. Fire, smoke, and water damage are all part of the remediation and restoration processes that come after a fire is contained and put out.

Our team of experienced fire restoration technicians know exactly how to repair any damage done by fire and its accompanying issues. Our number one priority is getting you, your loved ones, or your business back to normal after a fire. Let us help you make a plan and carry out the process of repairing your home and building after a fire. Call us today!