Wednesday 1 February 2023

When Should You Get Your Carpets Cleaned During the Year?

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Cleaning your carpets doesn’t have to be a chore you take on yourself, as professional carpet cleaning services can help with doing a thorough job without the hassle. Some people only consider cleaning their carpets when expecting company or as part of spring cleaning or fall refresh after the summer. Understanding when the best time to clean your carpet during the year may depend on the pros and cons of cleaning them during a season. Each household is different, but reviewing the pros and cons for each season may help determine when to clean your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning in the Spring

It is common for people to clean their carpets in the spring. While it is great for spring cleaning purposes, others may consider carpet cleaning after the winter weather. Opening up the windows to let fresh air in at the start of spring may actually bring more pollutants into your home, such as pollen and dust. They can settle into the carpet along with moisture from spring rain and other foot traffic. Some experts say it may be best to clean your carpet at the end of the spring season before summer to ensure most dirt and grime are removed from climate change.

Carpet Cleaning in the Summer

The summer season is good for carpet cleaning, but it depends. If you’re out of the house most of the summer, either for vacation or to enjoy the outdoors, you may not create as much foot traffic or let in as much air pollutants. Just stay on top of vacuuming when needed to help the carpet stay clean and fresh. If you have your windows open often during the spring, it can be the best time for carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning in the Fall

For a few reasons, some may not think about carpet cleaning in the fall. The weather gets cooler, so you may start spending more time indoors. It may include inviting friends and family over for gatherings. Carpet cleaning makes sense if you want to freshen up your space, but it really is your call to decide whether to clean the carpets now or wait until after the holidays.

Carpet Cleaning in the Winter

The holidays may include inviting people over, but once the holidays are over, you have a good stretch of winter ahead where you won’t open the windows due to the cold. You may not have as much foot traffic, but you may have dust and pollutants to worry about. Some decide to get their carpet cleaned at this time and have the rest of the season to enjoy a fresh, cleaned carpet.

Is It Possible to Clean Carpets Annually?

Many people get their carpets cleaned once a year and feel that is enough based on their living situation. You can choose to have it cleaned again if you think it is necessary. Pollutants such as dirt and pollen can get trapped in the fibers making the carpet wear out faster, and the air quality in your home can be a concern if you have allergies. For additional recommendations, contact your local professional carpet cleaning service provider.