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Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Fires are inconvenient and devastating for many reasons, particularly because they cause damage to your property and can also ruin and damage your belongings. Because fires can displace you from your home or business, it’s critical that your property is restored quickly. We can help.

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Fire damage left to your home or business can be highly devastating. It would be best if such tragedy can be prevented, but sometimes it is inevitable. To maximize the efficiency of the fire restoration process and minimize your stress, offers a 24/7 emergency response service. Our goal is to preserve and protect what is our customer’s #1 investment: Your home and business properties.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration in Noblesville, IN

Fire Damage Repair Services

Beyond just the fire damage, smoke and soot can be toxic, creating a hazardous situation. Even if a fire is contained in one area, smoke and soot can travel throughout a structure. Bolden's team is highly-trained, with the experience, tools and knowledge to clean up fire and smoke damage.

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24/7 Emergency Services (Containment)

Pre-cleaning sensitive metal, plastic, marble, finished wood – surfaces easily discolored by acid soot residue.



Cleaning and sanitizing (EPA-registered disinfectants) mattresses, box springs and pillows (feather or foam).

Ceiling Fan


Cleaning this moisture-sensitive surface with special dry-cleaning sponges, and recoating as necessary.


Upholstered Funiture

Hand-cleaning of even the most delicate fabrics. Comparable reupholstering, as required.



Cleaning painted, paneled, wood or papered wall surfaces, and repainting or resurfacing as required.

Carpet Cleaners in Noblesville, IN

Carpet Cleaning

“Steam extraction” by certified operators. Oriental, hooked, braided and exotic rugs a specialty!

Spray Bottle

Complete Deodorization

Bolden's disaster restoration technicians and our modern systems will permanently eliminate even the most persistent odor problem.


Returning Your Belongings

After our team carefully treats and restores your personal belongings, we package and deliver them right to your door.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Damage

Most often, yes. You'll need to check your specific policy for the full scope of coverage, but in general, if the damage was caused by a flame, it's covered. Your best bet is to hire a professional damage restoration company, such as Bolden's Cleaning & Restoration Services, to help you through the claims process. We know how to avoid some common missteps when it comes to making sure the entire loss is documented and covered. Many homeowners and insurance companies forget, for instance, to consider that your HVAC system will need to be cleaned of soot, and, since fires are extinguished using water, many areas of your home may need to be restored due to water damage even if they weren't directly affected by the fire.

DIY soot removal is not recommended. Commercially available products can actually cause permanent damage to surfaces. Soot itself is primarily oil-based, but that residue also contains toxic, possibly biohazard contaminants.

Smoke damage is rarely limited to one area of the house, and it leaves behind a residue that can hide in crevices and out-of-reach areas, and a simple "airing out" may not be sufficient. We recommend consulting with a smoke damage technician who can help you troubleshoot the next steps.

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Bolden's provides 24/7 emergency cleaning and restoration services. Give us a call, and we will be there to provide cleanup and restoration as quickly and thoroughly before the damage spreads and gets worse.

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